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Friday, January 14, 2005


So like this is just about one of my all time favorite images of Rogue, the X-Men character. Liked it so much it inspired me to do a little Photoshop manipulation. Not a ton, mind you, but I did remove the background and the dialog bubble that overlayed her hair. Enough to impress myself! Now that I look at it, maybe I should try and put the top of her head back on.

On other topics, it's just Dave and I at the ranch this week as Ginger is paying a visit to her brother in California. It's something else to have horse and dog feeding duties every morning. Yesterday I had the misfortune of having to feed our dogs at the same time I did Ginger's. This morning I tried vainly to explain to our two that yesterday was the exception and that today we were going back to the schedule that Dave would feed them when he got up. Didn't go over too well and I totally caved under the pressure.

Yesterday I brought Autumn in to work with me. It went fine, but somehow after all these years wishing I could bring my dog to work it was rather anti-climatic. She really didn't know what to make of the elevator. The closing doors were frightening enough, but then everytime it shook she stared down at the floor very suspiciously. After several trips up and down she started showing a reluctance to get in. I'm hoping her last trip made up for it though, because a boy about 10 made the trip with us and he was totally taken by her. He petted her, and talked to her by name. There is nothing Autumn likes more than attention! Well, maybe breakfast.

The only problem she posed was that she absolutely insists on sleeping in the midst of the highest traffic area she can find. Hallways and doorways are her favorite even at home. Right behind my desk is a 3-way intersection in the office, and sure enough, this was where she spent most of her day. Nevermind the dog pillow I brought in for her, or the fact that I tried putting it in three different places that were near her chosen location. She wanted nothing of it; the hard carpet and nearly getting stepped on was preferable aparently.



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