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Monday, January 17, 2005

Horse Antics - the dreaded apple!

So a friend dropped by to see the place this weekend. As he was getting ready to ready to leave he gestured to the near bushel of apples he had in his car and asked if we wanted any for the horses. I said sure! It wasn't until later that I remembered that three of our four horses don't like apples. Nor carrots, nor cookies. I've never met such a bunch of finicky eaters.

I decided to just take one apple down this morning for breakfast, sliced into eights. I figured I'd put a couple slices into each bucket and they could ignore them if they didn't want them. Jordan always does the final clean up run by all buckets, so I figured he'd finish whatever was left.

All horses had their buckets and were munching away, when I pulled out the apples and dropped two into Shoni's bucket. First off the sound startled her and she jumped away totally affronted. I rolled my eyes at her hysterics and moved on to give Harley his as she cautiously re-apporached her meal. Suddenly behind me I heard another scuffle and turned to find Shoni standing a good 10 feet from her bucket and staring at it absolutely horrified. The look on her face was priceless: "WHO put those vile things in my breakfast?!" She was clearly not going near that bucket again.

By this time Harley was also staring at his apple-enhanced bucket suspiciously. Alright! I give up. I removed the apples, and had to walk the bucket over to Shoni for her inspection before I could trust that she'd leave Harley's feed alone. I went up and dropped all of the apple slices in Jordan's tub - only to find afterwards that he too had turned his nose up and left them all for me to clean up.



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