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Monday, August 22, 2005

Baby Bunnie Rescue

This weekend while we were digging yet more trench on the property (a post soon to come), Dave noticed that a bunny had fallen into one of our water valve pits. These pits are lined with 8" pipe and are 4-5 feet deep. Since it was alive, I let Dave continue with the digging, whilst I conducted baby bunny rescue.

How the heck was I to reach it? A hoe came immediately to mind. Problem was that the hoe was a bit too big - I couldn't get it down beside the bunny. I became very concerned at this point because it really wasn't reacting to my intially inadvertant, but increasingly intentional prods. But he was breathing, so I continued. I ended up having to try and squish him even further against the side to get the hoe as low as it would go, and then poked him enough to make him hop around - and right onto the hoe. Pulled him out on his own little bunny elevator.

He wasn't in great shape, so I dropped him off a ways away, and then threw a branch that I'd just pruned off of a tree over him. He stayed right there for the rest of the day - but was gone in the morning. I like to think he recovered and went on his merry way, though I also wonder whether some cayote may have come across an easy snack. Either way, I'm just glad we don't have to try and get him out the next time we attempt to get to that water valve. (There were quite a few other icky looking things down there when I looked - I just hope that getting to that value wont be a necessity anytime soon!)



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