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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today We...

Wait for it...

Wait ...

Oh heck, do I even need to say it?

... dug more trench!

The good news is that the last two pictures weren't our trench but that of the septic contractors. They trenched all the way from the septic tanks to both barns AND ran all of the septic lines - TODAY. They'll try to get the inspection tomorrow and hopefully by the end of the week the backfilling will be done!

Dave is working on installing electric down to the pasture, so that our electric fence doesn't have to continue working from a very long extension cord run from the barn. Something about that setup made us wonder when we bought the place, but given the job the seller had done on the other electric systems on the place I guess we're happy we didn't require him to install a real connection.

Meanwhile regarding the kennel: we got the plans from the contractor several weeks ago. We turned them over to the Sound Engineer and within a week they'd reviewed them and made some suggestions for making the design more sound proof. Basically the plans were approved, except for the louver vents that vent the attic space. A direct opening such as those basically make any other sound proofing obsolete. So they made suggestions how to baffle them. Anyways, back to the contractor to update the plans, and tomorrow we hope to submit them to the county to request a building permit. This being a 6-8 week process.

Fairly recently we learned that it is to our advantage to have all of the external improvements (landscaping, screening walls, fencing...) for the kennel completed before we go to recording our plat. Since you can't proceed with building anything until the plat is recorded, we'd thought all that would come later. Then we had it explained to us: External improvements aren't counted in the "only after you've recorded your plat" stuff. In stead, if they AREN'T completed before you record your plat, then we have to write up an improvements agreement for the county and post the cash for what all that those plans will cost. Then we have to go complete the construction, paying for it a second time. The planner will inspect that and then report to the county commissioners to get a ruling that we'd lived up to our promises. Only after all that happens would we get our first lump sum of cash back! So - we're going to get started on those external improvements right away. This weekend some good friends will be coming by to help us begin builing the kennel yard fences.



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