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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Week's End

This is Ginger's final entry of one action-packed week at SPR.

Runaway Trailer. While all this pasture management, horse shuffling, cow herding, hay hauling, irrigation management, septic overseeing, etc., was going on, the borrowed irrigation pipe trailer decided we didn’t have enough problems. After sitting quietly for 2 days it proceeded to take itself for a ride down the hill to the arena. Fortunately, it only took out one post and rail section. Now, another job for Dave.

Other stuff happened this week, also, like trying to take care of some of the Dog Kennel plans and requirements and research. Then, too, we still have a full schedule of weekend riding classes to take care of. Our first Fall Session started August 27th and Saturday is a long, full day and ½ day Sunday mornings. Then, there are other classes scheduled sporadically during the week, from 2 regular group lessons to private lessons. Somehow, we managed to squeeze all the “must-do’s” in, although hurried and sometimes frantic. Anyway, we welcomed Monica home to hauling a few hundred more bales of hay over last weekend. She and Dave and Patrick, our 15 ½ year old neighbor we hire for some chores, went and picked it up while still in the field. It is pristine and beautifully green since it was picked up and stored prior to sun-bleaching.

We are sometimes asked if it is worth it—all these long hours of hard labor—and if we enjoy it. At the end of the day, exhausted and tired, we usually still say yes.



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