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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The I-DOs

Matt (Ginger's son) and Lisa's wedding was beautiful and a whole lot of fun.

We were honored to be able to join them in the festivities. We met a bunch of Ginger's family - her mother Enid stayed with us for about a week, her nephew Chauncey stayed the night of the wedding, and her sister Griffin and partner Wendy stayed nearby. The ceremony was Friday night, so many of the crew came over on Saturday to partake in the keg of beer that needed to be finished off, and to see the ranch. Ginger had everyone she could convince up on horses and a good time was had by all.

Matt and Lisa left Sunday for a honeymoon in Hawaii - we're all jealous.

As for the busted water pipe - David actually got it repaired Friday afternoon, but not before Ginger and her guests all went to Jessica and Marshal's place to shower and get ready. Since it is a two person job to turn the water back on and bleed it of air, he left the water off.

Returning home after 11, we decided it would be nice to have water, so we went out in the moonlight to turn it on. The nice surprise was that the backflow prevention device - that the county insisted we install in the house before we put a kennel into operation (yeah, THAT was one of the improvements we were counting on having to do!) - aparently works and prevented the water from draining out of the house. So once the air in the quarter mile of pipe from the hydrant down to the street was bled, there was essentially no air in the house pipes. Small blessings.



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