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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Lying in bed this morning, starting to strategize our day, David asked "Did you hear we had an invasion yeasterday?"

It's not like I can resist that bait, so I said no. He said he had been working on a lumber estimate for the kennel fence that we are currently building, and looked up from the house to see some of our neighbor's cows had escaped again. But this time, it was ALL of our neighbor's cows except for one. He said they looked like a convoy coming around the far corner of the pasture. As their first stop is always in the alfalfa field he didn't give them much thought.

That is, until a few minutes later when he looked up and there were no escapees in sight. As a group they don't generally go anywhere quickly, so he immediately became suspicious. As he scanned around, suddenly he saw a cow head pop out of the mid-way door of our horse barn! Sure enough several cows came lumbering out of the barn and headed for one of our hay piles. The good news is that they went to the waste-hay pile, but the bad news is that until then they'd never approached our barn at all and now we fear they'll be back.

Ginger was in the midst of giving a lesson, so David yelled at her and pointed to the barn. "Oh my god!"

They joined forces to scoot all the cows out of the barn - one of which had set up residence in a stall and was having a lovely fresh drink of water from the waterer.

Once out the barn, Ginger returned to her student and Dave enlisted the help of the trainer who was riding one of our boarder's horses (Ramsey - the norweigian fjord). He asked if she wanted to do some herding, and she was all for it. So the two of them moved the cows back down to the gate, and upon opening it and avoiding the one cow who had been stranded inside, only one put up much of a fight. But even that one was coaxed inside before too long.




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