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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Insulation - Check

The insulation installation was completed last Friday. Dave dragged Ginger and I in there on Saturday afternoon. We'd seen it briefly Thursday night, but it wasn't complete at that time, and since it was pitch dark in there and we only had flashlights to see by the effect wasn't nearly what it was on Saturday.

Wow! It's starting to seem like a real space now. It finally became clear just how much light the translucent panels along the top of each wall would light up the space (this feature has been one of my biggest push points, and our design is going through some hoops to keep the light, but preserve the sound insulation).

Of course the hellacious wind storm was again blowing outside -- and it was dramatic to enter the building and hear how quiet it was! Normally all outside sounds come right into the barn even with all doors closed. This time it was quiet enough for us to HEAR the vent louvers flap open and closed. That was exciting!

At the last minute we decided to insulate the interior walls between the office and the kennel - mostly for sound purposes again. We were thinking that customers would probably appreciate not hearing the kennel noise, as well as us if we were on the phone, etc.

As wallboard will be going up soon, David spent some time late last week fishing phone lines between the house and the kennel. (One of the few smart things the seller did was to bury a pair of empty conduit between the barn and house - so that was one less trench to dig!) Of course, we currently only have one phone number, and what with the fax and credit card machine we really need two. But I haven't gotten around to placing that order yet.

Alas, today is January 10th - 2 months from when the contractor started. He said it would take 2 months... We still need to sit down with him to find out what the schedule for the last 5 steps or so are - but as he said that couldn't happen until wall board went up, that meeting is still pending. Meanwhile our dog website is still saying we're hoping to open by Xmas. Guess that item on my list of to-dos needs to move up in priority.



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