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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That was fast!

Well, though I worked from home yesterday, I was still oblivious as to what was happening in the kennel. Seems the drywallers snuck in and put up what appears to be ALL of the wallboard!

It was still quite dark when I went out there this morning to take pictures. I could see we had some wallboard up - but I had to walk around the space taking flash pictures to see the extent of it. I just kept walking, and snapping, and finding more wallboard!


Guess now we can have "the talk" with the contractor about what remains to be done, when it will be done, and when in that schedule we can get in there and start doing some of the stuff that we need to be done. Like assemble kennels. What I know is still pending is attaching the FRP to the wallboard, mudding, taping and painting, installing the dropped ceiling, then installation of cabinetry and sinks and light fixtures, etc. The concrete floor needs to be sealed and possibly coated with a non-skid surface. We haven't quite figured that out yet, but David is about to get a call from me reminding him to address that today if possible.



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