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Friday, March 17, 2006

So very anti climatic

Happy St. Patty's everyone!

Anyone bother to ponder the A/S problem? I can't blame you. See, the true answer is just so much less interesting than speculating it had anything to do with whether I used the key or keyless entry to get into the car. Maybe I should also have tried hopping on one foot while I pushed the button. Now THAT would have totally changed my fellow commuters impression of me when I got out at the stop light to lock and unlock my door. So much so I may well have had the road to myself for the rest of my drive... Huuum.

Anyways, I felt utterly foolish yammering on about it on the forum.

Except that several other people were also yammering along with me. Not to mention the original poster who had actually had his car at the dealers - more than once - for this very issue. Gosh, makes me wonder how those dealer tecnicians feel now. They, of course, probably aren't reading the forum so they are still blissfully ignorant and selling their clients the keyless entry line. I dunno - it could be his car has an actual bug where as mine is operating as designed -- but really? Whos theorem is it? Occam's Razor? The simplest solution is probably the right one.

When it's really cold I have to run the defroster to be able to see. (duuh) When the defroster is on it sounds like it's blowing gale force winds so I turn it on and off only as I really need it. When the defroster is on, the AC is on. When the AC is on, the A/S doesn't engage because it needs the gas engine to power the compressor. Therefore, when it is cold outside the A/S engages sporadically.

Which makes me think -- using the AC must be pretty rough on your overall mpg. Something to watch once the weather warms up...



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