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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And again

Oh, ohh, ooohhh! Not to show off too excessivly, but I really have never been on a project getting this much press before! The coolness factor is over the top.

Boeing 787 showroom

Yesterday we got a private tour of the Dream Liner gallery. Oh my god -- so wicked cool it hurts. They can accommodate several different airlines at once, providing each with a private space to spend a week or two to set up shop, discuss configurations, have private offices and rest rooms and access to catering facilities. Then there are half a dozen galleries set up with samples of all the seats, all the gallery inserts, fabrics, etc. And then of course also our software which will allow them to make their configurations and in real time see 2D and 3D renderings of their choices.

They estimate what is now about a 6 month process may well be condenced into one taking a few weeks. Just not having the month-long lag inbetween discussions will be such a huge efficiency.

Tomorrow? Getting a tour of the manufacturing plant. Largest building in the world, ya know. And my co-worker is all jealous cause he's been coming out here for 6 months and hasn't gotten the tour before now, and this is my first trip. HEE!

Anyways, I'm jazzed. Does it show?



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