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Friday, January 05, 2007

On the bright side...

As the more painful memories subside...

{{I forgot to mention that we had another trip to the vet with a dog! My what one forgets when they try real hard. Anyways, this particular one was a wound the dog came in with -- but was not the surface wound they told us it was but a puncture which got infected of course. :( }}

...I guess there were moments worth remembering...

Like the morning when my hands were freezing cold because my gloves were damp, and I discovered that sun-baked dogs' coats are a wonderful finger-warmer. I honed my method considerably by learning to discriminate between the long-haired dogs that liked to bask in the sun rather than those who liked to roll and play in the snow.

Speaking of long haired dogs who liked to bask, we had a pudgy Burnese Mtn Dog who wasn't real active or social. She liked laying in the snow drifts outside the kennel door. Dave remarked that she really needed a fainting couch and bowl of bon bons to complete her image!

Ginger, David, And our customers were just raving about the frost on the trees Friday morning after the main blizzard. Ginger went out and got these pics:

Our tractor, which has had many bad things said about since we purchased it, came through like a trouper! It never got stuck, and Dave moved an enormous amount of snow with it. Our neighbor even asked how it is ours never got stuck when his always did. I can tell you, we've never been so glad that when the lever that switches between 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive BROKE OFF , that it did so in the 4WD position!

Little Winnie (who is just a DOLL) learned one day to sit on our shoulders. And she tried it out on all three of us that day!

Our Christmas tree that was nearly engulfed by a drift with that first storm -- but not quite -- valliantly shone on and emerged more day by day.

{{ OK, editorial comment here. I was going to get this post up last night, but didn't because I didn't like my "after" pictures of the xmas tree. So I was going to go out again this morning to get another batch. Only... I forgot that it's been another 5 days or so and thus we were due for more snow. Somehow - this morning's picture just didn't do the "Emerging" state very well!!!

*sigh* DEFINITELY working from home today!}}

The dogs that came in just covered with snowballs that had frozen to their fur that first day.

How through the days the dogs wore an intricate set of paths and grooves and such into the snow that it turned to quite the snow park!

The little fat female american bulldog who would play so hard and then go into her kennel and crash, complete with snoring and tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Geeky, I know, but with such an extended period of really using our database that I wrote, we found a lot of opportunities to improve it.

On the 2nd, we had a new record breaker checkout day, bringing in $3,400. Yes, our revenues were hit by the storm, but we still made more than ever before. And now we have essentially a year's worth of actual numbers under our belts we can start to really manage a budget.

And last, but certainly not least, the horses got put into the barn on Wednesday, and didn't come out until Friday. And there was much rejoycing:

Ginger just told me she found my last blog post and she is concerned about me! LOL. Perhapse I should mention that writing the blog is my way of a stress relief and once it's down on paper... make that 'in writing' ... much of my stress goes away. Never the less, she suggested that maybe next year we'll close the kennels for a week in January and use THAT time to visit family. Huum, sounds like a plan to me!



Anonymous sylvas said...

Hi Monica,

I have to admit that I worried about you too when I read your last post, but as you said things are getting better and perhaps you find some relieve next year by taking vacation later.
Thanks for the presents for the kids, all spent already and half read too. Hopefully we can see you one day again,


1/5/07, 1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your ranch looks beautiful in the snow. Snow always looks nice when someone else has to shovel. The frost on the trees - fantastic! And the picture of the horses running with the screen of snow behind them - postcard perfect!

How do you do all of the things you do? I'm getting tired just reading your blog ;-D


1/5/07, 7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Monica! I just heard (1-06)you had more snow in CO - AH! Did it hit your area?


1/6/07, 9:52 AM  
Blogger Monica said...

Hi Lydia! Yes, we continue to get snow every 4-5 days or so.. but thankfully nothing recently has hit us nearly as hard as those first few. Never the less, we think it will still be weeks before we see the ground again.

1/17/07, 1:19 PM  
Blogger amdaz said...

Gorgeous pics.
Just lovely.

2/16/07, 9:09 PM  

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