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Monday, April 23, 2007

Catch up

The sound lady did come out Friday. I'm afraid that our guys were all unusually quiet, even for them. She was all -- so what are the tricks to get these horses to nicker? I said -- um, there pretty much aren't any. But she did get some champion munching noises! LOL

Even the dogs astonished me by not barking at all as we walked up to the yard and in through the gates. I told her that was a huge triumph for us, seeing has how bark-concsious we are, but even I had to admit that was a bit much. Oh well, I'm sure the reporter isn't planning on filling too much time with these sounds, so I suppose she got what she needed.

Phyllis and Mike were around that morning, having arrived the evening before with their moving van and pickup truck with camper on it, both stuffed to the gills. They said it had been snowing like mad when they left Wyoming Thursday morning! We hung around a bit longer, then split up for the drive to Canyon City.

On Thursday our other sister, Nancy (in Albuquerque), called to see what our schedule was, because it turns out they found a listing for a used Chalet camper trailer on the internet -- and it was in Denver! She was thinking of trying to drive up for the weekend, and then see Phyl's new place, but in the end that was too far with too short of notice. (Besides, did I mention Nancy also closed on a new house Friday morning? LOTSA moving happing right now.)

So - Phyllis and I took a detour on the way to Canyon City to look at the trailer. Very cute little thing, and it was in impecable condition. Phyllis had brought me her digital video camera to use for another project, so I tried out my first time video taping. Now I just gotta figure out how to download video images to my computer. It appears I need some additional hardware. Anyways, Nancy is going to buy the trailer, we'll pick it up and keep it at our house for a few weeks until she can get away to come pick it up.

We got to Phyl's ranch about 5ish, take-n-bake pizza and bag of ice in hand. First order of business was to unload the camper far enough to get to the ice chests, and the dump the beer and ice into it.

What a great place! Though I do see what they mean by the house could be so much improved with some changes. But it's in a really pretty valley with a great view out the front. Lots of pinyon pines around. And I think it's really wonderful how the 3+ barns are all situated such that you can't see them from the house... Phyl thinks that is a detriment, but oh well, she already has one barn cam and she can get more if it's an issue. The barns really are impressive - far more so than the house. 3 big barns, 2 set up for animals with lots of corrals and pens, and the third that will make a great wood shop/classroom and retail store for their businesses.

We got the trucks unloaded, including the 5 foot high, 700 pound gun safe which caused us no small amount of consternation over night. Got most of the kitchen unpacked the bare minimum of furniture set up. Not bad for less than a day's work. We would have liked to stay longer, but we had a prior engagement in Boulder Saturday evening.

Sunday they were on their way back to Wyoming, and it just happened that they were passing by our place at the same time we were just thinking about breakfast, so we met them at the Mead Cafe. They'll be back through in a week or so with their 'final' move, including the first of their alpaca.



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