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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Supervising Chaos

Just in case anyone is wondering what keeps Dave busy while Ginger's gone.

Ok, ok, we do have Justin around about half time to help out, and in fact he just missed being in this pic. But we didn't anticipate we'd be running over 30 dogs a day this week that Ginger left! It's the third spring break week for local communities, so we've had a very busy month. Fortunately after this weekend things will quiet down again.

Yesterday we had another part time helper start with us. Sarah's Justin's co-worker who originally expressed interest in working for us, but who didn't have time. Well, the dog-food shop they work at is having to scale back hours, so she has time now. She came out yesterday morning to work with Dave while Justin was more or less able to hold the fort.

This morning, Anthony, another friend of theirs, is coming out to help with the kennel and /or any property jobs we can get going today. Yesterday was all freezing rain, and the forcast is for snow today, so I don't know how much we'll be able to force ourselves to do. Looks like a good day to clean kennels and work on the bathroom down in the barn.



Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Monica,
Boy that sure looks like fun! They are my kind of dogs, BIG ones! I know there is much more to it than just playing with the critters, but it looks like a happy pastoral scene. Sure hope we can get back there sometime soon to see the new business and maybe even help out a little.

4/7/07, 4:26 PM  

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