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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sound Check

Remember I said I was chosen to be interviewed for an NPR show? Well, that is still in the works. I exchanged emails with the journalist a few weeks ago. Looks like the series I will be a part of will begin being aired in May. It's a 6 week story, and my part should be in the 4th or 5th week.

Anyways, they wanted to send out a sound engineer to gather some background noises from the ranch, so she is going to come out tomorrow. She asked for a good time when the ranch would be noisy. LOL. Well, strange as that is to say, it's usually pretty quiet. Except for the dogs of course, and I told her no concerns there! But we'll hold off feeding the horses until she arrives to see if we can get them talking then.

Phyllis and Mike will be here. They left their house this morning with a moving truck and a big load. They'll spend the night with us tonight, then Phyl and I will try and get a morning's worth of work done while Dave and Mike go down to try and get some progress done on the barn bathroom (all around the sound engineer's visit). Then we'll drive on down to Canyon City and help unload and start moving in! This isn't their final move, but most of their stuff will be moved by this one.



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