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Monday, March 05, 2007

Getting Help

One of our big goals this year is to hire some help so that we have time to do some of the other tasks we have piling up. Well that and so that we can take some time to ... do nothing would you believe?

We had a great candidate a month ago. She'd contacted us out of the blue inquiring whether we were looking for help, and yes we finally were. Dave and Ginger liked her interview, so she was came for a day and we agreed to bring her on 2 days a week. We thought - SCORE! No advertising, no long interview process, we had a great employee literally just fall into our laps!
Well, it was not to be. She was unable to arrange her schedule with her other job to coordinate working for us, so after trying for a couple weeks she finally just told us the disappointing news.

So I wrote up a flier we thought we'd post in the humane society and pet food stores and such. Ginger also has a friend whose daughter is in the vetrinary program up at CSU, so we thought we'd contact her to put out feelers. We actually has a pseudo marketing plan laid out, when Dave had an errand to run near the local pet food shop so he took the flier by to ask if he could post it. Sure, they said -- but two of the employees there asked if they could apply!

Again, it turned out that one of the interested candidates decided she could not arrange her work schedule to accommodate 2 jobs. But the other, Justin, seems to be working out extremely well. He came out immediately to interview, and then started work a couple of weeks ago. He'll be working 2 mornings and 1 full day a week. He's quite good with the dogs, has some training experience. He has two dogs of his own who he brings with him sometimes. (A Doberman and a Chihuaua... would you believe?!) He knows a lot about dog food nutrition, and has plenty of retail/customer service experience from the pet food shop. So - keep your fingers crossed, but we're loving the way this is shaping up!



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