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Monday, March 12, 2007

We got da plow

The snow is finally just about gone from the property - lots of dirt is showing, and what snow is left is mostly the piles left from the plowing. I heard today it will be 60 degrees!

So of course this is when our new snow plow arrives, LOL. It's very pretty - shiney blue, sitting in front of the garage.

Unfortunately, that's all it's been doing: sitting in front of the garage, because we can't figure out how to get it mounted to the honda. ;)

Actually, we can't get it mounted to the truck either, because the brackets they sent were the wrong ones. So yea, this IS the perfect time to have it show up so we can dink around in the warm weather to get it hooked up. Because we're just entering March -- which is typically our heavyest snow month of the year. Course, with the way the weather is all over this year, anything BUT typical is probably what will happen!

A good deal of the property is drying off -- we did bring in a couple truck loads of rock for the really bad areas on the driveway, which made a huge improvement. After a number of customers got stuck in the mud and then refused to try coming up, it was nice to start getting compliments on how much better it was. However, the dog yards are pretty much a total loss right now. The snow has finally melted trough, and the soil is totally saturated. The dogs come in looking like they've been to a spa for a mud bath treatment (hey, maybe this is a new service we can start selling to our customers?). We're rather thankful now that we took the bother to get hot water piped to the spiggot just outside the back door as we've been hosing them off before coming inside. The worst areas are those right around the gates. I think we've decided we'll need to pour concrete pads there because when its sloppy or icy, it gets pretty treacherous what with all the dogs scrambling to get through with you, wether you want them to or not.


Well, when I wrote this, we were just entering March. Looks an aweful lot to me like we're about half way through it now. Far from being snowy -- we've had spectacular weather, today got to 74 degrees! I tell ya, it's crazy. But the dog yards are dry now, we have the truck mounting brackets for the plow, and our minds are starting to turn towards weed management. Oh joy.



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