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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still a blusterin'

Though a google search just now didn't uncover any fantastically supportive articles that this has been one heck of a windy month on the Front Range -- it sure seems like it's been the worst ever. A friend had a gasp/laugh when she commented upon my continued bitching about the wind -- have you lost any more fences? Well, no - it hasn't been THAT bad, I said. It's only been in the 30-40 MPH range for the past few weeks.

Yesterday I worked from home, and looking out the office window I noticed Ginger hand-walking a dog back up to the kennel. I made a mental note to ask her how he'd gotten out. But that afternoon Dave came in and said he knew -- we had another fence section down. *GROAN* But the amusing thing is that when we did ask Ginger about it she said that from the top of the yard you couldn't see that the very last section of fence was gone - it looked contiguous all the way down to the wire fence. So, in fact, she and 12 dogs were out there playing for some 45 minutes before one of the dogs discovered the opening! And of course, said dog immediately proceeded to lead all of the dogs towards the gap. Ginger turned tail and ran back up the yard, enticing all but two of them back into the upper yard, then proceeded to chase down the two wanderers.

Last week we had a scary wildfire just north of Boulder. Actually just at the base of the foothills where we used to live. There were 2 or 3 fires in total, which eventually merged. And I'm still unclear on all the causes but at least one if not two of them were caused by power lines that were blown down. We don't typically think of January as being a wildfire month, but all the vegetation is tinder dry as we haven't had snow for over a month and the constant winds have dried things out even more than usual. But having the winds blowing that day just fed those wildfires like crazy. It was a scary afternoon. Some 500 homes were forced to evacuate, and the barn where I used to board Jordan evacuated 45 horses before having to let the last 7 run and fend for themselves. Fortunately they all survived and were rounded up the next day once residents were allowed back on their properties.

This weekend we were at a friend's house for dinner and I picked up "The Big Book of Ifs" from her sideboard. I read several questions aloud for general entertainment. One was: "If there was one form of weather you could eliminate forever, what would it be?"

The room responded immediately and in chorus.



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