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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

War Bound

Well, if work hadn't suddenly crashed down on my head like a ton of bricks, I would have mentioned this before now. As it is, I'm probably am only going to get a bare minumum post up now and you'll all have to wait until we return to get the full story.

We're going to War.



This week is one of the SCA's three largest events held annually. This one, Estrella War, is held in Arizona and principally involves the Kingdoms from southern California, Arizona, and our own - the Outlands. Though people from allover attend. It's a fascinating concept -- 6000 people gather, camp, set up shop and / or classrooms. Put up kitchens, set up above-ground fire pits and basically live midievally for a week. Oh - and go to war. Every year a new treaty is agreed to which determines which groups are allies of which, and I think they design a new set of battlements every year too. The battle scenarios are included in the treaty, which says on Wednesday such and such forces arrive on the south side of the river to battle so and so on the other side for access to the fortress. Beyond that nothing (to my knowledge) is scripted about the battle. But due to on-field rules there will, presumably, emerge a victor.

Estrella began Monday of this week, and goes through Sunday. We are driving down, stopping for the night both directions at my parent's place in Albuquerque. So we won't get there until it is well into full swing on Thursday. Our kingdom, and our barrony within that, is designated camping area - so we'll be camping with our fellows. CAMPING, you say? Right -- we don't camp anymore. Well, not until now I guess. Though, midieval camping bears little resemblance to our typical backpacking version. For instance, we're taking two tents - one to put inside the other. And wooden folding tables. A carpet (yet a very small one) to put inside the outter tent. And probably the kitchen sink before we finish.

We've also been sewing like mad, so as to have enough garb to last 4 days... Not just garb, but cloaks as well since being high desert it traditionally gets quite cold at night. Forecast is for rain too. :-(

Anyways, I'd hoped to be showing off the garb, here, leading up to the event. But as it's the day before we leave and I have yet to totally complete ANY piece, that hasn't happened. Dave has had a lot more luck. Finished his cloak last night, which I think is just spectacular.

I guess at home tonight I'll have to pull out the camera to get the 'before' pictures. I have a feeling after camping in the rain, the 'after' pictures, while maybe being interesting in themselves, aren't going to suffice for showing off our sewing skills.


Someone gave the framework of this gorgeous green brocade skirt to a friend, who passed it on to me since she didn't think it worked for her. I love it!

And then some women in my barrony took some hand-me-down dresses and, knowing that I was still trying to garb-up asked me if I wanted either. This Kirtle worked pretty well. A few alterations to the bodice and finished off the lining and the hems, and replaced the lace up the bodice -- and it's another piece I'm excited about.

Guess I haven't posted these pictures here yet, Dave finished his second tunic several weeks ago. The fabric/trim accents were all his idea.

So my red dress is obviously patterned to match. Unfortunately... I haven't been able to get the hem piece on there. The curvey-hem is oh so cool, but to try and line that with fabric, and then TRIM, is giving me fits. OH WELL. I've given up worrying about it, I'll finish that when we return.

And finally, my cloak. I'm sad this picture doesn't show you the beautiful deep plum purple that it is - but the paisley fleece lining is soo cosey. Both cloaks are made of wool, and are rather HEAVY. I think I'm going to hem mine up before we leave so as to keep it out of the mud.

And then Dave, looking for something different than another tunic, went to town for this French Cheesemakers Smock. This thing has cuffs and gathers and yokes and everything! It looks fantastic.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything looks fantastic! Have fun at war (LOL)! Looking forward to the return pics.


2/11/09, 8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol at the thought of you two fighting over the sewing machine..Very impresive effort


2/11/09, 4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol at the thought of you two fighting over the sewing machine..Very impresive effort


2/11/09, 4:09 PM  
Blogger Dean said...

Customes looks GREAT! I love them all. Even Dave's. he he
Have a wonderful time, I know your going to war but try not to get hurt!

2/11/09, 5:45 PM  
Blogger Birdie said...

You two are amazing. Will you be on horseback for this event? You must post pictures!

2/15/09, 11:27 AM  

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