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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Doin It In Style

Sleeping, that is. :-D

We got the bed yesterday and are just tickled pink with it!

Here are the pieces it disassembles into – headboard, footboard, 3 rails and a set of slats which are joined together by a strap of webbing.

And, assembled! Seriously this takes about 3 minutes.

With mattress...

And, made up!

It is gorgeously made. Jeff (Lord Garin) used beetle kill pine and clearly strategized how to use the color the best. The inset panels are have more color, and the grain runs counter to the frame, so they stand out beautifully. He really does superb work... in case anyone out there is looking for a carpenter!

The swoopy details on the headboard and foot board are removable, so that they fit standing up inside our Forrester just fine. The post finials are also removable – in case when we actually do get this in a pavillion and they are too tall we can remove those closest to the wall. Finally, in the peg-holes vacated by the swoopy pieces, it is possible we could build a frame over which to drape either a curtain to hold in more heat during the winter, or mosquito netting for use during the summer.

But here’s the kicker… I was still somewhat cautious in the fact that I really don’t like sleeping on air mattresses. You roll off, elbows and knees tend to bump into the floor, and of course getting up is difficult. So I was still concerned that an air mattress in a frame wouldn’t ultimately be a better sleeping experience. Oh, how wrong was I?!

I don’t know if the frame just does a better job of supporting it on all sides or what, but we tested it out last night and found it VERY comfortable. Certainly the not having to get down and up from the floor is a huge bonus. We ended up lying on it while we watched (most of) another episode of Burns’ National Parks show. Uh huh – I fell asleep.

Then, we started looking at our bins that we pack stuff in – bins so that if it does rain your things remain dry, and found out that the full sized bins slide right under the bed! All this time we’ve been laying out bed sizes and pavilion sizes, I was thinking we had to reserve a corner for the bins – but not if they tuck under there! How awesome is that?!

I actually was all for testing it out all last night, except that it had been oiled just the day before and is still pretty… fragrant. So we disassembled it and set it back in the garage to chill for a few days before we pack it up for its first outing next weekend. It was because we decided to attend this outing in a hurry that we had expedited the bed’s construction. As such it is essentially undecorated. I look forward to working on it periodically in the years to come to add embellishments with carving, wood burning, or possibly painting. Who knows?!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

if only it was light enough for backpacking, I might actually try that again! :-) Caroline

10/18/09, 3:22 PM  
Anonymous Rich said...

Wait a while and Alek will carry it for you, Caroline. Looks great, Monica! One of the keys to air mattresses is to not overinflate them. If you do, they are hard and convex on top, and you tend to roll off. Best to underinflate a bit and form a slight body-dent to sleep in.

10/18/09, 4:41 PM  
Blogger Birdie said...

Looks like another guest bed to me. :)

10/19/09, 8:58 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

That would fit into my tent also. Tempted. I do think the big flat feet would be good also, it would be easier on the canvas. I did realize this was just paper plates to keep it off of your carpet.
Even with a camper, I still enjoy tenting, but no more on the ground for me either.

10/19/09, 11:18 AM  

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