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Friday, October 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

Seriously, odds and ends here. Not much of one thing been occupying my mind of late, thus I haven't blogged. In fact, yikes - if I don't post today it will be more than a month, so you get this: odds and ends.

Couple of things have been a-brewing on the SCA front (alas, not of the mead variety, though speaking of mead I have volunteered to help with next spring's International Mead Festival to be held in Boulder.. so na na nanaaah nah!)

We have been invited to attend The Great Hunt, an SCA event way down in southern NM - with horses no less. It sure was a very attractive invitation for a number of reasons, but I finally chickened out on the horse part due to it being a VERY long haul (12 hours?) and I am just not comfortable jumping into something like that yet. But Dave and I are going and will help haul and care for the other's horses, meet people I've been working with online, and have a great time of course. It shocks me to realize that this is just next weekend!

Meanwhile, as that is a camping event, this caused us to expedite the wooden camping bed a friend is making for us. It's a collapsible frame that holds an air mattress. Since Dave's back is vetoing sleeping on the ground, we decided to take this particular plunge into the medieval lifestyle sooner than later. (And I certainly am not complaining!) The design is really quite cool. Lord Garin made one for he and his wife, so we based our design on his and made some tweaks. The main design element on it comes from pictures we took at Tretower Court which we visited last year in Wales. This is where my persona is based. We noticed several doorways and window frames that repeated a specific shape - so we've incorporated that shape into the headboard, foot board and side boards. He also paneled the headboard and foot board - staying consistent with 14th century furniture design and making the structure lighter weight.

And... ITS DONE!!! I just called Garin and he was just starting to oil it. We can get it in the morning!!

Also in the construction vein, Mike is coming back up on Monday to begin work on the final phase of the basement build out. We look forward to this part of the project being quick and easy, as there is no plumbing involved (knock on wood!!!) -- it's the spare bedroom and office. We've been working for a few weeks to clear that space out -- have taken a number of truck loads of stuff to the thrift store. Feels good to lighten the load!

The movie "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" opens today in the UK. This is Heath Ledger's truly final film - he died while it was still being filmed. Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrel stepped in to complete Heath's part, a rather unique solution to a tragic situation. Only, we fans are rather frustrated with the fact that it took a VERY long time to even get a US Distributor at all, and so far they still have announced only showing it in NY and LA at Xmas. Boo Hiss. Additional releases will be subject to demand. If you are at all inclined to see the film, the trailer of which looks fabulous (below), or even if you just want to be my bestest of friends... then please call your local theaters and request that they show it! Meanwhile, our brethren over the pond are getting to see it NOW.
*So jealous, and wishing I could hop over to join them*



Anonymous Anonymous said...

LA is closer and cheaper. You can always come for a visit and we can take a trip down the mountain to an LA theater to see the movie.


10/18/09, 1:10 PM  
Blogger Monica said...

Now see there -- that's an idea! Except it's at Xmas time. No traveling for us then. :-( But maybe it will stick around in theaters for a few weeks at least. Worth keeping in mind for sure!

10/18/09, 1:51 PM  

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