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Saturday, December 19, 2009


So - Dave has joined the SCA Choir! He's been singing with them for a few months and had been putting a lot of effort into it. I giggle when I catch him practicing their pieces sitting at the computer, for they have a great tool that plays the selected harmony part and presents the lyrics in time as well. But he's really starting to hold his own, so to speak, so good for him. It isn't easy singing in the least, as the period pieces are generally in latin or another foreign language, and neither of us have participated in actual choirs before. I went to one practice with him, but it's at an akward time for me and I don't feel I have the energy to devote to it. But he's kept with it, and the director is very talented and has helped him come along really well.

They've performed a few times now, the most recent was last weekend at our neighboring barrony's MidWinter event. I asked Dave which was his favorite song and he said this one - Gaudete - because it has been the most difficult so far. It was published in a collection of songs sung in Catholic schools in 1582.

I videoed both takes of this song but the second was a much better performance... EXCEPT for the fact that I missed the first two beats of the song!! (GRRRR!). So my apologies for that. Also, this was held in a large concrete hall, thus the acoustics are terrible. Never the less, I thought it worth posting!



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