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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Boy, haven't I written this entry before? Little did we know that getting approval from the county commissioners for our kennel plans was but the first step of MANY. We just got word from the county planner Tuesday that all of our ducks are officially in a row - and all that remains before we can record our plat is for her to come and inspect our privacy fence that protects our neighbors from being subjected by our activities. (Never mind them being subjected to our fence - but that apparently is considered acceptable, while watching dogs run around 1000 feet away is not.)

We must have our plat recorded before we can be issued a building permit. This Friday marks 4 weeks after submitting our permit application, which was minimum amount of time they'd need to review our plans. So we're hoping that the fence inspection and plat recording will happen just as the building department is ready to issue a permit and we'll be raring to go. The contractor is estimating 2 months of construction - which dearly pushes us to the week of Christmas. He understands our rush to open before the holidays, so we'll see how successful he is at getting the construction done quicker.

We asked the contractor what could we do to help get things done quicker. Besides the concrete demolition inside the barn there wasn't a lot of options. Until he remembered the frost-protection trench (like a frost wall, but not a true frost wall) that needs to be installed around each side of the barn. The three of us just stared at him when he mentioned that was something we could take on - more trenching is really not what we want to volunteer for!

Meanwhile, we ARE making progress on the fence - I knew there was a reason we wanted to do all the posts before starting the pickets. Pickets are SOOOO much easier!

By Golly, it's starting to look like a fence!

We're now well and thoroughly spoiled and will dearly hate having to return to doing posts. We have about 12 more posts required for the privacy fence part, but can't do those now due to the parking lot grading that has been stalled since the rain storm last week. So, we turned to pickets and we've finished about 270 feet out of approximately 650. Once the privacy fence is finished and inspected, then we'll continue with installing the posts and wire fencing for the North and West boundaries of the dog yard.



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