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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chinese Fortunes

I took my friend Brian out to lunch the other day. We were due to get together, but he'd also done me the favor of picking up our final mylar print of our plat map from a store in Boulder so this was to be our exchange. We did Chinese.

As the check came and I offered to pay, his response was I must be trying to bribe him in coming out to help more on our fence. For Brian has spent not just one, but two whole days out fencing with us and we owe him quite a bit more than lunch for that!

You know how they always say that horiscopes and fortunes could say anything and you'd be able to interpret them to have very specific meaning in your life? Well, sometimes they are just too eerily on the mark. As I was signing the check Brian's fortune proved to say

"You are extrememly generous and always thinking of others."

Here, here. Too true! Then I opened mine:

"You will be successful in a business of your own."

Like I said, eery.



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