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Monday, October 24, 2005

Section 1 - DONE!

It was with some shock that we completed the last of the section of fence we've been working on - the entire East end of the property and the section to the south of the dog barn are done!

Because we can just do anything easy, a thought occured to Dave and I as we got close to the end - in that the 6 foot picket fence really blocked out the sun from behind the barn. As winter is nearly here, and the back door of the dog barn will be where we need to come in and out frequently with dogs - allowing some extra sun back there seemed like a good idea. We decided to go with a section of 3 foot pickets topped by 3 feet of wire. Since that section of fence really doesn't face any other house, we are assuming there will be no complaint from the county. I'm really pleased with how it turned out:

This process, of course, took a huge amount of time to switch gears, but at least it did give us some experience in dealing with the wire on a small scale. Most of the rest of the fence will be 6 ft wire in 100 ft lengths, and we'd had many questions and theories about how we were going to tackle that. I think a number of those plans will now be changed after wrestling with these two relatively small sections.

Meanwhile we aren't quite ready to start the wire fence - we still have to complete the parking screening fence. We're having space graded out right in front of the house for some parking spaces, which must be screened from the neighbors. We decided to be clever and incorporate the dumpster enclosure at the end of that run. We got 8 of those 16 posts in, and are crossing our fingers our grader-guy can come back today and finish off the grading before we're ready to put in the rest of the dumpster enclosure.

Most importantly - Dave announced this morning that we are officially beyond the half-way mark: 76 posts done, 62 to go.

Meanwhile, our thoughts are starting to turn to a Grand Opening celebration. We figure even if we do manage to open for Xmas, we wouldn't hold our celebration probably until January. One fun idea was to have a bobbing for tennis balls - dogs who want to go for it will be able to take the balls home. Of course we'd want to get tennis balls with our logo on them. We also need to order bandanas that say "I'm a Happy Camper at Happy Tails Dog Ranch" to send home with our customers.

Anyone have any more fun marketing ideas? We're listening!



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