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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Black Friday

Retailers designate the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday - as in the first day of the year that they are financially in the black. One of the few cases in which black is a positive thing.

For us Friday was just black. In the traditional sense. Patches, Ginger's family's dog was laid to rest on the hillside overlooking our arena. A few weeks shy of her 15th birthday, she'd far exceeded all expectations of longevity. When we moved to the property a year an a half ago she was not in great shape. She'd recently lost weight and getting up and about was clearly painful for her. But increased pain management and getting out to the barn every day very quickly led to a dramatic rebound for Patches. It seemed ranch life agreed with her.

Her enthusiasm for life visably sparked. The image of her sticking her head back behind the hay pile when her tail would suddenly spring to life at the discovery of some little critter will forever be with us. She valiantly did her best to help out with the mouse control - it was a rare but satisfying day when she actually caught one.

But the inevitable day came when pain management and outdoor jaunts could not keep up with the effects of age. Ginger's kids joined us on Thanksgiving and it was obvious Patches recognized both of them as soon as they walked in the door.

Friday was a beautifully sunny day with an astonishing view towards a snow-covered Long's Peak. We all take comfort in that Patches is now a spirit freed of her earthly restraints. She indeed was a grand old lady and life long friend for Matt, Jessica and Ginger.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica; that was a nice posting. Ginger

11/29/05, 10:51 PM  
Anonymous Janet Tapply said...

Hi Monica,
Phyllis sent us the link to your posting. I really enjoy reading of what a "first timer" thinks of an alpaca - I always get a laugh as of course everyone sees the cute factor! We really enjoyed meeting you and your husband. Stop out and visit again - we can put you to work trimming those toenails! haha

Janet Tapply
Fossil Ridge Alpacas

12/5/05, 2:14 PM  

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