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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Underground Plumbing - Check

Today was our first inspection on the kennel construction - underground plumbing.

Based on our experience with Weld County inspections todate, we don't get all that excited about inspections anymore.

Our first one was last spring for the new electrical service and meter we had brought to the property, then Dave ran new electricity to both barns. Electrical lines are to be trenched 2 feet down, and it wasn't until about the day before the inspector was due that we found out that was 2 feet from the top of the wires, not from the bottom of the trench. As those wires were about 1.5 inches thick, we ran around trying to dig out an extra inch or so in several shallow spots late into the night. Then the inspector came and never even walked down to the barns to see the electrical boxes Dave instealled there. Hooey to 22" vs 24" trenches!

Anyways, inspections are good milestones.

Meanwhile we returned to our favorite past time over the weekend - fence posts. We're either numb or are getting good at them because it actually seemed like a pleasant change of pace.



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