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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Concrete Laying - Check

I find myself in the delightful position of having so much news to share that I can't quite keep up! The contractors continue to do their jobs, and every day there is something new for me to update the daily photo-record.

Last week the plumbing trenches were all filled and concrete prep prooved that we had not removed too much gravel from those areas, something we'd been concerned about. But no, they took another yard or so of dirt out of there smoothing down the surface. That freed us to spread the last load of gravel down by the barn.

The radiant floor heating plumbing went in in a day.

And so did the concrete. This was quite the production! Thanks to Dave and Ginger we have lots of action shots:

The concrete will need several days to cure - so it was great timing this happened the week of Thanksgiving. Next week wall framing begins.

Also there was the finalization of the Road Impact Fee from the county - after David's informal appeal letter they contacted us Friday that they'd reassessed the fee at $1300 instead of $8000! However, if we wanted to further appeal we would have to go through the regular process and pay the $500 appeal fee. Yeah - no thanks. We went over Monday and paid the $1300 to be done with them!



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