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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Last Tuesday we felt we'd made enough progress on the fence to predict it's completion Wed or Thursday, so we notified the planner who said she would try and stop by on her way home one of those two days to see it.

Meanwhile we weren't contacting the contractor to get a status on the building permit, simply because we didn't want to hear that our lack of having the plat recorded was holding that up.

Wednesday the grading was finished, and late Thursday all but the pickets on the dupmster were up.

Complete - as of Friday

However - the planner didn't show up! I was very concerned because I my notes said she didn't work on Friday, so I thought her inspection would be delayed until next week. We sent her an email early Friday asking her to come by at her earilest convenience. Surprise, surprise, she said she'd be by Friday evening!

It wasn't too long after that that the contractor contacted us saying that the permit was ready to be issued, so it was just waiting for the plat to be recorded.

We have the mylar plat and we were going to ask details about how it gets recorded of the planner when she came by - only she hardly slowed down enough to turn around in our driveway and left immediately! That really annoyed me.

Here's crossing our fingers the recording of the plat can happen first thing Monday, along with the awarding of the permit along with the start of construction.



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