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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Faux Pass

Sending your businees customers gifts is a well accepted way of both thanking them and keeping your business current in their thoughts so that they may continue using your sevices/product.

David received one such birthday card a few weeks ago. It was nice. Seeing as how his birthday is the 29th of the month, and he received the card on the 1st, the timing did make us comment. I mean, if you can only send out birthday wishes 12 times a year, is it really that effective? Regardless, it was enough for us to speculate about it's intent rather than feeling good for the thought.

But we're not complaining! The card was sent -- and received -- within a few weeks of the intended date. I suppose there are worse stories out there.

Say, for instance, that your customer database wasn't up to date and you sent your gift to the wrong address. Yeah - that would be embarrasing.

Especially if you'd gone to the trouble of over-nighting perishable, and expensive looking, candies. That would be a darn shame.

Even more so if you were the realtor who helped your client sell this residence and buy a new one a year ago? That would be downright humiliating!



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