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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Out for a Jaunt

On Thanksgiving we decided we'd follow our 4th of July precident and take the horses out for a trail ride. The weather was unbelievably spectacular - nearly 60 degrees and clear blue skies. The major delima was how to do that and still have turkey cooked in time for a 3:00 dinner. Doing the math, I didn't see how we could do that. We hemmed and hawed about me not riding, about having a friend come over to put the turkey in, etc. Finally we declared we be home no later than noon and then do what we had to regarding dinner.

We were relating all this to Roger Wednesday, and he said - why don't you use that delayed start feature on your oven? Genius! It's very clear we don't do alot of cooking, and even less that involves the oven, for that never occurred to any of us. Worked fabulously and we returned home to the wonderful smell of cooking turkey.

For our ride we went to the near by Rabbit Mountain open space for the first time. All the ponies loaded like champs - even mustang Chaco who we've never attempted to put in a trailer before. The ride was great, but as always when going to a new place we learned alot that we'd do differently next time. The trails are very rocky, and poor Romeo had just had his feet trimmed the day before. Those rocks were clearly hurting his feet and he only wanted to walk in the grass beside the trail! Later on we discovered a maintenance road that pretty much parallels the trail, so we tried to stick to that from then on out. Next time we may invest in some ezboots to slip on Romeo - since he does fine at home barefoot so we don't see a need to shoe him just for occasional trail rides.

We definitely need to take more opportunities to get out and ride!



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