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Thursday, January 05, 2006

In over our heads?

3 weeks ago we received an inquiry for a person interested in putting her 2 dogs into daycare - 5 days a week! We'd never anticipated anyone needing this type of service, and it was a bit overwhelming to think of taking this on day 1 of going into business. I mean, could be great if the dogs are great. On the other hand if the dogs are a handfull, it's kind of convenient to only see them one day a week.

She's since said she gets her current day care for quite a bit cheaper than we can offer it - though I don't know where as the comparisons I've made has us at the very bottom of our competitors prices. So - whew, don't need to worry about that one I guess...

Well, today we got an email from someone who is has to leave town and is looking to board her 2 dogs for... FOUR MONTHS. Starting in February! At this rate we'll be lucky to be open for dogs on Feb 1, so its conceiveable that if we decided to help her we might even take her dogs before we opened (day T minus 4?). That's a heck of a committment - the owner will be out of state for a looooonnng time. We won't have much experience in evaluating the dog's ability to be happy at the kennel or to behave appropriately in a co-mingled play situation. Not to mention we wont have other customers yet with which to test these dogs in a co-mingled play situation...

Uffff DAH.

And the panic begins to set in.



Blogger Phyllis Swenson said...

I would have asumed most people would want doggy daycare 5 days a week while they were working. Kind of suprised you were suprised. That four month deal sounds like a good one to latch onto, and encourage you to finish for.

Good luck,

1/6/06, 7:28 AM  

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