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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Plus or minus a gate.... or 27

Friday our shipment of kennel panels and parts arrived - that with which we will assemble 24 individual kennels inside the kennel building. We were warned by the manufacturer that it was our responsiblity to count and inspect all pieces for damage before the shipper guy left. Since we weren't contracting for off loading of the shipment, we expected that we'd have to break it down on the truck and off load it one piece at a time ourselves -- so we requested as early of a delivery as possible in our 12-3 window. The guy made it there at 4:40.

Fortunately, though, the driver was a nice guy and he and Dave managed a way to get the pallet off the truck without breaking it down, which was way more convenient.

We asked him for the freight bill, but it only said "37 pieces". What the heck? We had 28 wall panels, 27 gates, a big burlap bag of hardware, several bundles of pipe and of t-channels, and probably some other items. How in the heck could anyone count 37 out of that?

So we got our itemized order form, and started checking things off. Right away, a glaring omission was aparent - no gates. We had expected 2 pallets, but the driver said that was all he was given. Finally we convinced him to call dipatch. It took them awhile to figure out what was up, because of the really moronic description someone had taken as "37 pieces" for this shipment.

In the end, it appears that the 37 was made up of: 5 T-channel bundles, 3 pipe bundles, 1 burlap bag of hardware, 1 pallet of wall sections (never mind the fact there were 28 panels on that pallet), and then - the missing 27 gates that weren't delivered.


Tuesday morning the gates arrived - unannounced of course. Dave and Ginger sorted through the stack and rejected 3 as damaged. Those were returned with the shipper and 3 more will be issued to us from the manufacturer. We have it from the contractor that as soon as the dropped ceilings are in we'll be able to start assembling the kennels.

I guess some insulation got up yesterday... but not finished. Gosh I wish we could get these guys working quicker!



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