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Monday, March 20, 2006


Today marks the first day or our second month of kennel operations! Wow, how time flies. I'm aware that we really haven't posted much about how it's going. 'Good' is the answer. It's just that now a whole lot of the action is taking place only when I'm NOT around, so it's hard for me to write about. I may start twisting a couple of arms to get a couple of entries written from the view from the dog yard so to speak.

Never the less, I wanted to comemorate our first month with a list of first that we've encountered these 4 weeks. Such as:

Uuhhf Dah - I wrote the first draft and decided ending on the downer note was really not the way I wanted to go. So, I'm going to start with things for which we are very greatful we have NOT yet had a first time for. (Some of these may sound far-fetched, but everything below is something that either we worry about or that someone on the dog daycare forum has mentioned happening to them within the past month):

First vet visit with a customer doggie
First contageous dog illness
First dog-staff bite
First fire drill
First irate customer
First power-outage
First law-suit threatened
First hole dug under the fence
First County / State regulations tussle threatening to shut us down
First Customer whose stolen something from the office while unattended
First weekday without any dogs - yep, we're still running with a perfect record in this regard. (Thank goodness for our 2 5-day a weekers!)

*knocking on wood*

Now for the fun stuff:

First new doggie customer: Shadow
First nearly rejected doggie customer: Shadow
First returning doggie customer: Ruby and DJango
First 10-day pass sold: Ruby and DJango
First pee-spot in the kennel: Cisco. YES, OUR CISCO!
First rescued foster doggie: Sweetie
First escape artist - from a kennel: Sweetie
First escape artist - from the kennel building: Riley
First actual rejected doggie: Riley
First multi-week boarding reservation (August): Kattan and Rory
First Thanksgiving reservation: Kattan and Rory
First minor doggie scuffle: Ruby/Autumn/Cisco (And there have been plenty others)
First injury to staff member: David - thumb scratch
First cancelled new doggie: ? didn't even get the dog's name.
First night with 7 boarded dogs: Maggie, Calvin & Suzi, Harley, Jericho, Josh & Misty (This is more than 25% of our capacity!)
First $1360 in revenue!

What with the 6 dogs we have boarded this week for spring break and our 3 regular daycare pups coming in, today will be our biggest day yet with 9 dogs.

Yesterday we met with the new Berthoud Police Chief who is moving here from western Colorado. His wife breeds and shows Great Pyranees - they have 6. During their re-location they weren't sure they would have a place for the dogs, so they contacted us to see if maybe we could help them out. It's still not for sure, they may have gotten a good lead on a place to buy this weekend, but we may be able to help them out for a few days... we'll see. But they were very nice and not a bad contact to make regardless.



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