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Friday, April 07, 2006

Odds and Ends

Lots of fragmented things have been going on lately. Some hugely significant, some merely amusing.

In the hugely significant ring we have the fantastic financing deal we just got through an acquaintence -- so that we can now pay off the balance on our HELOCS for a greatly reduced interest. *the treasurer does the happy dance*

In our first 4 weeks of operation we made about $1400 in reciepts. Our 5th week was spring break, and in those 9 days we brought in $1200. And while things have slowed down considerably this week - we still have 3 dogs boarding with us through the weekend and had at least 3 brand new dogs in for their evaluation days.

Two of our new dogs are monsters of fluff - two malamutes both over 110 pounds. One, it turns out, isn't all that well socialized as we discovered when she dragged me around the introductory pen whilst Dave tried to rescue the other dog who is a slippery little eel. Stupid little eel wouldn't get away from the monster who seemed to want nothing better than to crunch her. Oh well. Looks like we'll continue to accept the malamutes, but they won't be co-mingled.

We've started one dividing fence for the dog yard - the shortest bi-section possible. But with deals for dogs like the malamutes it's inevitable that we're going to have to put in the long divider fences soon.

Very interesting that Cicso has never been a retriever. He loves chasing balls and such, but would never bring them back. Well, a few play days with our daycare dogs and suddenly he gets it! Weird.

We set up a second retaining pen in the horse pastures so that we can more easily address weed spraying / seeding and not have to move the horses in and out of the barn daily.

I got a ride in with my big pony yesterday - first ride on Jordan in about 8 months! That was a welcome treat.

We've looked at a couple new lesson horse prospects for summer camp, but no luck yet.

We were contacted by a dog groomer who is interested in getting going again with another kennel / day care operation. She came by yesterday to talk with Ginger and David and seems to have a lot of experience and great ideas.

Dave and I saw Brokeback Mountain a few weeks ago and I so totally now have a new favorite movie. It's just an amazingly touching story, so well done. I was literally shocked to hear the movie is over 2 hours long, I had no concept of that when we saw it. Soooo.... Today is my Birthday and the DVD came out last Tuesday... YEA!!!!

Today is my Birthday. I've been trying to set the stage for me to take it off of work for a couple of weeks. I managed to get yesterday off, but I had to come in at least for this morning. And it's gray and rainy today. BLECH. Anyways, should finish this up so I can get my work done and possibly head home early.

Asta everyone!



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