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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dam it!

Big announcements went out this weekend that the Chinese have completed construction of the Three Gorges Dam wall structures (hydro-electric plant is still to be completed around 2009) We can't help but be reminded of our cruise with Dave's parents up the Yangtze river in 2001 - past the dam site, through the 3 gorges and beyond to Chongqing. The vastness of this project really is unimaginable. Given that they've started, I hope it's successful, but there sure are a lot of huge challenges yet to be overcome.

This is a model of the dam. On the far right are 2 sets of locks to bring bigger shipping traffic through. To the left of that is a ship elevator, to raise a small ship from one level all the way up to the top level in one jump. I saw references today that the Chinese have contracted with a German company to help with the elevator. This is the first international contract they've initiated I guess.

Construction. If I recall correctly we're on the reservoir side of the dam, looking at the 'back' of the elevator section.

Just one of the many, many cities that will be flooded out.

In the heart of one of the gorges. They are most certainly dramatic, and of course scale is difficult to portray. Even blown up and adjusted for contrast below you can barely see the 5 story cruise ship up ahead in this passage way.

Still can't see it? How about this one?

And last, but not least -- one of my favorite pictures from that trip.



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