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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Name Game

I get to play kennel-staff on the weekends when we have boarders with us. All day on Saturdays Ginger has horse lessons going on and we rarely see her until nearly 6, and more on Sunday.

With all these dogs coming and going, the hardest part is remembering who is who! We have two frequent visitors that look not only very similar to each other (lanky, active dogs, pure black with long boarder collie type fur), but they also look just like our neighbor's dog! Shadow and Josh both routinely get called Jake - our neighbor's dog's name. Josh's saving grace is that I think I've successfully associated him with one of my co-workers named Josh so I'm getting better. My apologies to my co-woker!

We have two dogs with the same names as our horses: Harley, whose a big, young shepard mix so he's nearly horse sized anyway, and again Shadow mentioned above.

Last week we had two new dogs from two different families - both called Sammy. Both are back this week for boarding.

Some other notables: The malamutes Yeti and Raz, whom I can't keep from calling Raz-ma-taz. The afghan hound Artie looks JUST like a Disney cartoon come to life. Calvin and Suzi the miniature Schnauzer twins, and Kaely and Trixie. Ally's a Visla who has this face that looks freakishly like a person-dog-morph. Her brother Mac and their new Katrina-rescued sister Maggie (one of our two Maggies) are smaller wiry terriers. What a unique trio - all very different yet bear a lot of resemblences to each other. Jericho gave me no end of troubles because that was the name of our cat when I was a kid. Rory and Kattan - how cool are those names?! Bluevon belongs to the contractor guy who built our kennel. Sweetie the rescued boxer isn't coming any more - I keep meaning to ask if that is because she got adopted? That would be great because David was getting awefully attached to that one!

But yesterday's takes the cake for cuteness: A tiny terrier named.... McFudge. Haven't met him yet, but I'm dying to based only on his name. He's due back this weekend for boarding, so guess I'll get my chance on Saturday when I put my Dog Supervisor hat back on.



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