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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Uninvited guests

I know I've mentioned before about our neighbors cows who regularly get out and come visiting. It wouldn't be such an issue, if they didn't leave cow pies all over the place and get into our hay and destroy our hay piles. Oh, and occasionally come into the barn and hang out. Really, beyond that we don't mind at all.

So once or more a week someone has to grab the pitchfork and drive them home. Of course just pushing them back over the property line isn't good enough, so we usually take them down and put them back in their pasture. Once Ginger and I were chasing the bull calf, as he was the only one who wouldn't go back in through the gate. He just kept running further down the outside of the pasture -- until he came to the loose spot in the fence and he pushed his way back inside! Well, good enough we said.

I think Wednesday last week I looked out and saw the cows up around our septic field. The grass is especially long there of course. But instead of sticking around there they kept marching past it, directly to the open gate between us and the other neighbor to the south, and they headed right on out into their hay field. They were certainly on a mission because before long they were at the south edge of the hay field up against the next neighbors property.

Dave called over to the owners house and reported the wayward cows, and shortly the daughter came over with the truck to herd them home.

Well, I guess that wasn't the end of it. Dave had to chase them home more than once on Friday alone. Thus it was when I got home that night that the task for the weekend had shifted from Dog fencing to Cow fencing. Amazingly we still had about 200 feet of property line where we haven't errected fence, and that's where the cows come through.

Through an interesting arrangement from a friend, which will have to be another entry, we had a borrowed tractor and t-post pusher for the weekend. So Dave and I went down and put in about 18 T-posts in under 2 hours. Amazing little tricks these farmers have come up with: 5 foot long tpost driver that you simply bring the bucket of the tractor down on to push into the ground.

Course, you have to have a big enough tractor to have enough force. We don't think ours would do the job. Even as it was, the last two T-posts, right next to the corner of the dog fence wouldn't even go in all the way. It was actually lifing the tractor off of it's front wheels, and that ain't no small tractor. No wonder we had a heck of a time digging the holes for those dog-fence posts!

No, not a small tractor

So anyways, got the posts up and the wire strung. But still need to put in some wood posts for a car gate and then stretch and power the hot wire. But we are looking forward to not having our bovine guests over much anymore.



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