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Monday, May 15, 2006

Another First

OK, this one I didn't foresee. This email just came in:


Our parents are planning an International business trip for a month and would like to find out pricing and availability for us. We are {names removed to protect innocent canines}. We live in Longmont and like the way your location and facility look cuz we live in a walk out basement and like lots of room to run, play and NOT bark, cuz we can't...we are Basenjis. {Dog1} weighs 27 and {Cutsie Dog2 nickname} weighs 23. Our parents will miss us and will be gone from June 24 - July24."

Ginger is composing a suitable reply. I'm not sure whether to look forward to or be afraid of these potential customers...



Anonymous Ceci said...

Monica, I tried 3 times today to send you an e-mail, but I kept getting a message saying your address was blacklisted. If you did receive e-mail from me would you let me know and if not let me know how I can send you a message?



5/15/06, 6:48 PM  

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