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Monday, May 08, 2006

The SS-Aardwolf

My sister has this really funky but really cute trailer. Never have seen a horse trailer with portholes before. Not to speak of a pink horse trailer. The name of her alpaca business is Aardwolf Alpacas, so Dave dubbed the trailer the SS-Ardwolf.

We had fun joining Phyllis and Mike at the Great Western Alpaca Show on Saturday afternoon. Lots of the cute critters. Got to know a little about the differences between the two types of alpaca - Suri and... Huacaya. Ok, at least I learned enough to go lookup that word, though looking at it now I'll be darned if I can pronounce it. Phyllis has Huacaya types, as she well should. They are cute - all fluffy. Suris look like drowned rats.

We watched a few classes of judging. Which is really a mysterious process where by the judge picks a favorite out of seemingly identical animals. Ah well - people say my dogs look like twins but to us they hardly look a thing a like. Guess it depends upon your familiarity.

Sunday we had a nice brunch since they decided to ditch the show that day, then I went over to help pick up their alpaca to take home. She's owned these two for... what, 6 months or so now (recall her last visit: here ) Since that time Sophia's been here in Colorado, Serena in Albuquerque, and Creshendo Georgia I think? Since the show in Denver is such a big show that many breeders come to, Serena and Creshendo both got rides here and Phyl planned on taking the three home with her. Alas, Creshendo broke a toe during transport, so she's going to remain here for several weeks to recuperate.

But ack, I don't want to steal Phyllis' thunder from her blog - so I'll quit here.

A few pics from this weekend:



Serena and Sophia




Blogger Phyllis Swenson said...

What a fun post.. All about ME! Phyl

5/8/06, 11:44 AM  
Anonymous Ceci said...

They are adorable!!!

5/15/06, 8:47 AM  

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