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Monday, July 03, 2006

Still kickin

Yes, we're still here, but not doing much writing, obviously. That old momentum thing strikes again. It's been a MONTH - never been a month before between posts. Thank goodness my last post posted on June 1 -- it would be really bad if my archive links were missing June 2006. Gotta work harder at that.

The kennel is going great. Ginger started summer camps the first week in June and they are going well too. It has been the hottest June on record here, and still very, very dry.

We have 17 dogs with us today, and have been hovering at 10 or more for the past two weeks. This is good, but leaves us very little time for anything else. Tomorrow ought to be interesting, being that many of our dogs came with special instructions as to how to cope with fireworks. We got tranquilizers, we got instructions to blast the radio, you name it. Actually, last year the fireworks were all very far away, so hopefully inside the kennel they won't hear them at all. Keep your fingers crossed.

We had some friends over for dinner the other night just to, you know, create the appearance that we still had a social life? Well, seeing as how I was shopping for groceries not 45 minutes before they were to arrive and nary a vaccuum cleaner nor dust cloth had yet to be employed -- I'm afraid that appearance wasn't very convincing. LOL. But good friends being good friends, we had a great time regardless.

I've got a queue of topics that I need to write up for entries, so I guess I'll end this year just to say HI, and Don't Forget About Us!

Have a Happy 4th!



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