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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Van - part Deux

The second half of Laura and Nina's first evening with us was to help us feed the horses and turn them out, and then go let the dogs out for their evening potty break. We actually were down to a very small crew - just 6. And for some reason they were all extremely -- boring! Like they could hardly have bothered to come out. Just that day Josh and Misty had left, what a difference the addition or subtraction of a single animal can make!

KOD and Savanna were doing their cute little Basenji thing and charming all of us. David started telling us how much he thinks KOD looks like Lance Armstrong... ?!? "You know, those little squinty eyes..." Later we tried doing a photo merge of KOD and Lance -- and I just don't buy it! LOL.

We didn't get dinner served til nearly 9:00 that night and I was suitably mortified. Not to worry, however, they said their last stay with a relative of a former co-worker in Kansas who farms seeds didn't get around to dinner until about the same time the pervious night! Hey -- good to see we're fitting right into the farming/ranching mold.

While we were out we were commenting on our near total lack of rain this year. Which indeed seems strange as it had been overcast with dark rain clouds since they arrived. Well, true - we've been getting those several times a week for the past month or so. Problem is -- you can see WHERE it is raining, but it almost never is at our place! We have seen rainstorms come right at us, split, and rain north and south of us on its way east. Talk about maddening!

For Tuesday Laura and Nina were thinking about heading to Boulder, but had a little work to catch up on in the photo business. Since they have outfitted the van with battery packs to work on the go, we suggested they pack up and take the scenic highway from Estes Park to Boulder -- stopping along the way to do their catchup work. Now, THAT is the life, to me.

Years ago when I and 4 coworkers were working out of Brian's house since the company had closed our northern office, we used to joke all the time that we should just rent an RV with a satellite connection, and NO ONE would be any the wiser. We'd travel through the Rockies, skiing, biking, hiking -- what ever. Dang, these guys have nearly achieved that. Point in fact, Nina biked part of their route that day along the Peak-to-Peak highway.

A few questions came up as to how the weather would be. Pishaw - we haven't had rain all year! Might be cloudy, but if you get out before noon most likely to be clear. It poured down rain. LOL. Well, at least at our house it did. They did such as stopping on the roadside to nap, and bike and such, so I guess it wasn't too horrible up there. ;) We, meanwhile, were floating away. Our soils are very clay-based, so it doesn't take too much rain before it starts pooling everywhere, and any area that isn't on the rock-topped driveways becomes a quagmire. Phyllis and Mike learned that the hard way on a recent visit when they pulled off to the edge of the drive way to park - ostensibly trying not to take up too much space near our garage. Yeah, that only makes a mess.

Laura and Nina left our place Wednesday, headed towards Alpine, WY and my sister Phyllis's place. We wish them well in their adventures to come!



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