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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Horse Update

So we've had the two new horses for over a week now. Unfortunately by a week ago we'd already determined that Chico wasn't going to work for us. He's a wonderful tempermented horse, works well with the kids both on the ground and while riding. But he is in very poor shape, worse than we'd feared. After just a few days in camp he showed up signficantly lame in the hind end. This certainly was worrysome. The vet came out and only made our fears worse. In addition to the lameness and emaciated state, he lost a lot of hair when the campers gave him a bath, and he has a heart murmer. Out vet pretty much advised us against doing any bloodwork or other diagnostic tests because he figured the cost of those tests alone would far out-value him as a lesson horse.

Jack, on the other hand, is a superb horse. The seller was asking for $1000 for each horse, and we wondered about offering her $1500 just for Jack. But we knew she wanted them to go together, so we steeled ourselves for the possiblity we wouldn't get Jack either. When Ginger talked to her and gave her our vet's prognosis, she was very upset not knowing he had such serious problems. Well, if he's just grazing out in pasture, he doesn't show the problems. And he is such a sweet horse you'd think someone would be looking for a companion animal to do just that - graze out in pasture and come in for pets occasionally. The seller offered to give him to us, but we know we can't get into that business.

So Ginger suggested that we try and help her get him donated to the Colorado Horse Rescue. Companion animals are, of course, the hardest to place and are thus the hardest to get a rescue to accept. But we're friends with the now president of the board, so we said we'd try and open some doors. CHR's president came over to look at Chico and got some pictures, and they are currently looking to see if they can arrange a direct adoption -- connect the adopter with us without the horse ever having to go to the rescue physically. So, we have Chico and are caring for him in the interim. Hoping that this interim doesn't stretch out too long...

Meanwhile, here are some pics from the past few weeks. Sure am sorry things aren't going to work out for us and Chico!

Chico in a lesson

Bath day for Chico -- see, PERFECT temperment!

Ready for the Show

Jack, at the show.



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