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Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Arrivals

Well, seems our vet tales aren't over just yet.

Romeo, thankfully, has shown no further issues from his colic.

Chaco, however, came down last Thursday with really nasty discharge out of his nose. The vet, who'd been suspecting strangles figured it probably was strangles, but the infection was so closed up it neither was treated by the antibiotics nor spread to other horses. Strangles is very contageous, yet though he's been mixed with the herd off and on for these 2 months that we've been battling this thing, none of the other horses have shown any signs. So Chaco went back into isolation immediately for observation.

Friday we were to pick up a pair of horses that Ginger thinks we should purchase. The owner is being very generous and letting us bring them to our place to try them out for a week. We keep asking people if they would consider this, but this is the first owner who has agreed. She is very concerned that they go to a good home, and likes our lesson and summer camp setup.

But with a contageous disease on our property, we couldn't in good conscience bring two more horses in, so we had to delay that.

Overnight Chaco's sinuses seemed to be entirely cleared up, so after 4 days in a stall he was put back out with the herd. He still coughs, but it's slowly going away.

Meanwhile the owner of the horses called saying she had other people interested in them, so what were we going to do? Feeling things were resolved with Chaco we headed out Monday night to pick them up.

Meet Chico and Jack:

So far they have been great! Chico definitely needs some weight on him, so that is our biggest concern -- figuring out why he doesn't keep it on. The vet will be out tomorrow to do some blood tests to see if he has any metabolic problems. Otherwise they were wormed last week, we'll have the vet check their teeth, and the farrier is due out on Saturday to give them much needed trims. After all that, even if we do end up turning them down I won't feel too bad for stringing along the seller for a week.

Chico has already been toting along summer campers in camp. Jack has been being ridden by Ginger's teenaged camp counselors because he's just a bit more spunky than Chico. I rode Jack finally on Wednesday and, other than the fact I can never remember which english saddle out of our collection that I like and instead chose the one I HATE, I had a really great ride. He is a beauty!

And no, I'm not fond of the idea of having both a Chico and a Chaco... but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Chaco, alas, just won't get better. He started with another runny nose on Tuesday, so he's back in isolation and on antibiotics. I sure hope we get a handle on it this time!



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