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Thursday, February 01, 2007

An impromtu gathering

Last weekend Dave and I attended a reception for a new friend's wedding. Jack and Kristina were married in New York several weeks ago, but as they live in Denver they held another reception here. It was really lovely.

Jack happens to be one of the folks I met through the brokeback forum, and with whom I sit on the planning committee for the second major forum-gathering to be held in Colorado this May.

I often find weddings can be tough because rarely do we know many people there. That was especially true of this one - we'd never even met the bride! BUT, there was a handful of forum folk who traveled for the reception, as well as the others from our planning committee, so we all got to have a mini forum-gathering in addition to celebrating with Jack and Kristina.

After the reception let out, we decided to return to one of the hotels for drinks. Little did we know that her hotel was being taken over that evening for "KickDown!". Aparently KickDown is a mixed martial arts sport where, well, just about anything goes. Men and women compete. The lobby of the hotel was swarming with people in cammo pants, leather, wife-beater shirts.. you get the picture. The one ballroom we could get a glimpse in had a full boxing ring set up.

We started chatting with some guys about what the event was -- and they asked - "Why, aren't you here for this?" Um, does it LOOK like we're dressed for this in our suit and cocktail dress? LOL.

We finally connected with the rest of our group and discovered they'd moved to the hotel across the way, which had a wonderful, nearly deserted lounge complete with a pool table for our exclusive use. The bride and groom managed to join us after while -- it was a terrific night all around.

One of the group sent around a message later that her husband had had to ask her again which of us she'd met before and whom she hadn't. "What, you couldn't tell?," she asked? That made me laugh - because David asked me exactly the same thing!



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