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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Showing Off

The end of May SPR and HTDR will be going on display in a big way. We have a number of rather public events and they all are going to fall within 2 weekends of each other!

The first is the Furry Friends Festival on Saturday the 19th; an annual festival put on by the Longmont Humane Society. A big part of it is a collection of doggie related vendors who set up booths on 'Mutt Main Street.' We attended last year with our very first ever booth, and had a tremendous response, receiving a $500 of reservations that very day. So if we do any booth events this year it will be that one.

The next event is that afternoon we will be holding an Open House to celebrate the kennel's first year in business. It will actually be a year and a few months - but who is counting?. May is such a much nicer month to be inviting people to come visit us, I doubt we'll ever really be celebrating our anniversary in it's proper month of February.

Sunday, the next day, the Society for Creative Anachronisms is going to hold a reaenactment event at our place. They'll be bringing horses and their costumes and doing horse back challenges. I don't think jousting, because our arena isn't long enough for that, but probably the ring-spearing and that type of thing. In the end we're a little concerned that this will end up being too much of a circus taking up more time than we want, but it should be entertaining at the very least.

The following weekend is Memorial Day. I'm on the planning committee for my Brokeback Forum and we're planning this year's big gathering. We'll be staying at the YMCA in Estes for Fri-Sat-Sun nights. We anticipate about 100 people to attend, from all over -- so far we have registrations from 22 states, Canada, Finland, Austrailia, the Netherlands and Germany. When we leave the Y on Monday, everyone will be coming down to our place and we're going to have a cookout and hoe-down in our horse barn. This too, might end up being quite the circus, but at least we KNOW this one will be a once in a lifetime event.

So, you can believe we've been busting our butts to get the property looking good this year. Things are definitely turning green, and now I'm wondering whether we're going to have to do a round of mowing before all this happens.

But we keep saying that we love to show off the property, and boy are we going to get our chances next month.



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