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Monday, September 10, 2007

The last big hurrah?

When we first started talking about the Sun Pony Ranch project, one of the questions was how / where would we all live. Because clearly we all had to sell our residences in order to raise capital that we needed to make this purchase. So one of our big criteria for a property was one that had two residences or the ability to expand to two. This place, beyond having the two barns, was perfect because of the large unfinished walk-out basement. What with priority going towards getting the kennel open and all, we put off basement finshing. For 3 years.

We are estatic that we can say the finishing project started in earnest today! We've been working with my sister Phyllis for several months fine tuning architectural plans, with the intent that Mike, who is a contractor, could come up this fall to do the work. This is essentially the floor plan:

We spent an evening last week moving boxes from one side of the basement to the other, so that Mike could come in and start work on the Master Bed, Bath and Closet. It is our goal to have those finished and habitable before Thanksgiving -- after which time of course we'll be embroiled in holiday kennel traffic and no one will be wanting to move anywhere!

So, Mike's been here a few hours - and we have a new framed in wall! :)

The basement really is the last of the projects that we listed at the time we moved in. Well, except for possibly an indoor arena. But that is so far into "nice to have" territory it isn't even worth brining up. So it feels great to be here. Even it if took 2 more years than we'd anticipated!



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