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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Heads are Spinning

Welp, we've hardly stopped this week, but I can certainly say that our efforts have paid off:

The BATHROOM in the barn is complete! Well, complete enough to be used at least. :) I think the shelves can wait for awhile. It looks fabulous. This alone is a feat worth celebrating!

The horse barn has been completely powerwashed in the past week -- looking mighty shiney clean again since we did that last 2 1/2 years ago. Thank GOODNESS this time around we didn't have to pull out the stall mats -- while they aren't perfectly flat, they certainly seem to be fairing better than the 2 years prior to us coming here. I hope that's a tribute to our stall-overhauling we did back then.

The property is mowed!! Dave did quite a bit of mowing a few weeks ago, and I kinda thought after I got the back yard done this past weekend that was all we were going to do. But I came home on Thursday and was delighted to see the driveway and all around the pasture had been mowed. I guess Justin one of our kennel people brought out his brush mower and helped Dave get those last few areas done. It really made a big impact!

Tomorrow's our open house.. Keeping our fingers crossed it goes well. I guess at this point there is little we can do one way or the other. Below are 3 little videos I made to post on the website. I've so far compiled one 20 minute video, and will try and get another 10-15 minute one before tomorrow. This video editing stuff, though, sure takes a ton of time!!

At Play  (

Country Dogs  (

Get It Tequila!!  (



Blogger Dean said...

Is the neighbor's name Hyacinth Bucket btw ?

5/19/07, 7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha-ha doggie video - love it!

Good luck this weekend with your open house! ~Lydia

5/19/07, 8:00 AM  

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