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Thursday, May 10, 2007

They said what??

Good news is always welcome. But there is something about good news that is completely unexpected that is, well, just spectacular.

When we first moved to the ranch, we became aware of a lady who I think calls herself a 'neighborhood consultant' or some such thing. She basically offers watchdog services, keeping an eye on all the special requests that people in the area apply for. So I think we first came into contact with her regarding the person 3 properties down from us who had a sand blasting business and was going through proceedings because he wasn't authorized. Or something to that nature. You can see I paid a whole lot of attention at the time.

What we did sit up and take notice of, however, was this woman. Knowing that we were going to have to apply for a special use permit to operate a kennel from our agricultural zoned property, we knew that we would soon be included in one of her newsletters, and that wasn't exactly a comforting thought.

Sure enough, when it came time to go to the first of two public hearings over our request, there were 6-8 people there to speak in oposition to our application, and about the same number who submitted comments in writing. I bet if you go back in the blog to Jan-March 2005 you'll find entries about this. I just have no desire to relive those experiences -- so you'll have to forgive me for not doing the homework for you this time! ;)

Fortunately the Planning Commission had some sound minded individuals on it and though they took their time about it, they resolved to recommend to the county commissioners to approve our application, given a number of constraints put upon us to mitigate everyone's concerns. The Commissioner's meeting was the second of the two hearings. At that hearing only one person showed up in oposition, (our next door neighbor), so we wondered whether people felt that it was a losing battle not worth their time, or whether the answers they got at the planning commission pursuaded them that they didn't have much to worry about.

Of course everyone's greatest concern was for noise. 60 dogs all in one place can cause quite a ruckus. Our response, obviously, is that 1) only a few days a year will we have 60 dogs 2) our kennel barn, thanks to the planning commission's requirements, was sound proofed out the wazoo, and 3) when outside we always manage the group to control barking. Which... can be easier said than done on some days, for sure. But we do work hard at it.

Well! Ms Consultant lady stopped by this week, because the property 4 properties down is at some point going in for sub-division. But that's the aside.

The news that she left us with, was that in talking with all our neighbors recently, she heard that they were all complimentary of our efforts and our businesses and that "they all just love us!"

Feels pretty good.



Anonymous Sarah Signer said...

Monica, congratulations! It was certainly effort well worth expending! Always nice to be in the good graces of one's neighbors. All of you worked hard for that approval.

5/11/07, 10:50 AM  

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