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Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Nice to Haves

Since it is a tradition for us to take on a larger than normal project over Labor Day weekend, we decided to get a rather significant enhancement completed for the kennel this year.

For the past year and a half that the kennel has been open, we've been running long hoses (we have three 100' hoses just for this purpose) from the kennel to the dog yard for 1) filling water bowls and 2) watering trees. This is a pain, and unsightly. And over the winter just unmanageable because you of course don't want to leave hoses attached to the spiggots for fear of allowing them to freeze and bust. During the blizzard we'd adopted a technique of filling milk jugs and stashing those near the water bowls. Amazingly, this practice has continued through to today as the milk jugs ended up more convenient than hoses in a number of ways.

So in thinking about what we would really like to get done before winter set in again? Installing water hydrants quickly rose to the top of the list. We had planned for this in terms of having the plumber stub out a water line from the kennel coming out of the kitchen. So first task was to locate it. 4 feet down and over near the septic drain clean out...

Then, get a digging implement. We've dug water trench before. We knew better than to mess around with anything but the RIGHT tool for the job:

OH! And Dave would want me to point out the new flat bed trailer we just recently purchased from Phyllis and Mike's neighbor!! :)

Get digging:

Install Hydrants:

Test for Water:

And Refill Trench (and rebuild fence that we took down to trench through):

Any Questions? LOL, this is starting to feel like old hat. And given the enormous collection of water trenching photos we have now... (170 in that one folder alone) I guess we know why!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new hydrants! As my friend quipped - you know you are desperate when just filling the dog water dish gives you such satsifaction!



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